Finding Our Way

Sometimes we find ourselves, lost
on roads, carrying us places
we never intended to go
Lost, not because of the road
but because our feet
always obedient to our inner compass
follow directions given them

At times, what we want leads us astray
carrying us in directions never intended
yet places reflecting, what we desired
thought we wanted
hoped for deeply
These times continue, until
the right compass is born inside us

Then, new bearings take root
New directions emerge
Right roads appear
And then, no matter where we are
what we pursue
where we walk
Happiness greets us

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About Don Iannone

Don Iannone is a poet, writer, teacher and photographer who lives in the Greater Cleveland area. He has worked in the economic development field for over 35 years. Don is the author of three poetry books and five photography books. He is working on a short book of photographs and poems about human trafficking. This work was exhibited at six venues in Ohio. Don holds an M.A. degree in Art and Consciousness Studies from the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles, where he teaches writing. His educational background also includes studies in Anthropology, Photography, Organizational Behavior, and Economic Development. Don’s website: Wisdom Work Press:

15 thoughts on “Finding Our Way

  1. enjoyed
    I find that as I get older I’ve come to terms with the ebb and flow of life and I’m quite content to let the currents assist my navigation

  2. I couldn’t agree more.

    This is why I meditate…for without meditation I feel I would stand no chance of finding the right direction.

  3. “These times continue, until
    the right compass is born inside us”

    Beautifully stated, Don. Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful poetry. I am always refreshed when I visit here.

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