Truth as Your Surgical Knife

Psychic surgery
You’re the surgeon
Cut carefully
removing only the bad apples
spoiling the bunch

Some parts of us, look diseased
needing extrication, but
at a closer inspection, we see
good and bad, sewn together
All parts of the same cloth

Parts and wholes
just illusions
like chickens, desert journeys, and
Sunday afternoon football
All parts of who we are

Surgery, on one level
separating us, parceling out
what’s not needed
to be healthy
and grow stronger

Should you decide
psychic surgery is needed, and
something beyond cosmetic fixing
choose truth, as the knife
used to remove what’s no longer needed

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About Don Iannone

Don Iannone is a poet, writer, teacher and photographer who lives in the Greater Cleveland area. He has worked in the economic development field for over 35 years. Don is the author of three poetry books and five photography books. He is working on a short book of photographs and poems about human trafficking. This work was exhibited at six venues in Ohio. Don holds an M.A. degree in Art and Consciousness Studies from the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles, where he teaches writing. His educational background also includes studies in Anthropology, Photography, Organizational Behavior, and Economic Development. Don’s website: Wisdom Work Press:

8 thoughts on “Truth as Your Surgical Knife

  1. Your poetry has again struck me deep in my heart, like a big blow from God. I can’t help but quoting this one on my photo stream on flickr, and here’s the link to it

    Midnight Surgeons

    I sincerely hope for your blessing in doing so. All my best wishes to you my friend.


  2. Thanks Dan, Kai, and Fadzly.

    Fadzly: I sent you an email and you are welcome to use the poem with your photo. It’s a masterful photo, by the way.

  3. Dear Don, thank you for the poem. It seemed to me that while reading your verses, I was listening to one who dont hurry to take the surgery knife, but looks at other with love. Thank you in name of all from art therapy club Modus Vivendi that is located in the hospital for the people with the psychiatric disorders. You dont judge prior welcome and I hope for we will becom the good fellows. You are welcomed to
    I will greatly appreciate your comments on my personal blogs too.
    Thanks once again

  4. Tomas: Thank you for your comment. I visited your blogs and you are doing wonderful work for those who need. Thanks for the work you do. Living in no-judgment is a challenge for most of us, so each day we practice. Best wishes to you!

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