Trying to Say Goodbye to a Dream

Face it, she said
Get real
Accept it’s impossible
Move on with your life

I don’t disagree with her advice
I just don’t know how

How does one say goodbye
to something that never existed?
That’s the trouble with illusion, and
the trouble with living your dream

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About Don Iannone

Don Iannone is a poet, writer, teacher and photographer who lives in the Greater Cleveland area. He has worked in the economic development field for over 35 years. Don is the author of three poetry books and five photography books. He is working on a short book of photographs and poems about human trafficking. This work was exhibited at six venues in Ohio. Don holds an M.A. degree in Art and Consciousness Studies from the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles, where he teaches writing. His educational background also includes studies in Anthropology, Photography, Organizational Behavior, and Economic Development. Don’s website: Wisdom Work Press:

10 thoughts on “Trying to Say Goodbye to a Dream

  1. how does one cling to something that doesn’t exist?
    i think the answer is in this question

  2. Gautami: Some some its’ all illusion, including some of India’s spiritual leaders from sometime ago. One big dream.

    Polona: It is in the question by the asking it. We have our experience –whatever that may be. There is a physical world around us and we are in part physical (material), but so much of the experience is riddled with dreams, illusion and so much more.

  3. I guess it also depends on how you define “existence”. If it existed in your heart, but not in what is generally termed “reality”, is it no less existent? It seems to me the pain of letting go of something in the heart is not dependent on whether or not something “really” existed or not.

  4. Joanne: Thanks. Yes, it does depend upon one’s definition of existence. Some would argue that it is only real when we’ve internalized it (whatever it is). We all live in illusion. That is not necessarily a bad thing, just something we need be aware of. All of this only becomes important when we encounter another and have to bridge realities (illusions) with them.

    The poem was an attempt to capture what we all experience when someone does not like the dream we have chosen to live. Usually then they have another dream in mind for us — theirs, or one they think is right for us. That was where this poem actually came from.

  5. Don,
    Yes, and I think it is something most of us can relate to. When someone else’s dreams for us don’t match our own it can make one feel as if he is not enough just as is, with his own dreams and hopes, and a wish to be loved or supported or championed for wherever those dreams may lead.

  6. Joanne: So true. I think our dreams reflect who we are — both those of a waking nature and those while we slumber. Each dream is a mirror reflecting our deepest hopes, aspirations, fears and desires.

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