Sharing Pictures on Facebook

Every day I show you a picture–
Moments frozen in time, until
you cast your eyes upon them, unfreezing
them as newborn moments

Every day I show you a picture–
Something my eyes thought was interesting, and
worthy of copying for other eyes to see, and
bring back to life

Every day I show you a picture–
Something I wanted to hold onto, hoping
life could go on forever, but deep down
knowing life is redefined in each moment

Every day I show you a picture–
A way I can help you understand me, and who I am
as a soul peeping out, through a camera
trying to understand you


on an early november day in the woodland forest

i love how the sun so matter of factly screams through the woodland forest,
setting the leaves on fire with gold and yellow hues and tones, and
how tree shadows are painted on the narrow leaf-covered path, carrying
us up the hill and into the pure white sunlight

and just beyond lies the bubbling creek, preparing itself for winter,
once all the leaves have turned brown and fallen to the ground, and
snowflakes dance between the naked branches of the trees, as
thin sheets of ice cover the lazy edges of the creek

and even on this brisk early november day, i can imagine
the forest’s quiet whispers and sighs, as the snow buries the crunchy leaves,
and etches white streaks on the zen-like tree branches, holding their position
until the sun once again sets them free of the clutch of winter

The Lake at Sunset

The lake is my sword
Cutting through life’s flagrant nonsense
Slashing its tawny leathered wrists
Spilling red sunset all about

At my side all night long
She beckons, begs, congeals a new reality–
One where purpose finally follows breath
And grandiose dreams fall aslumber–
Mere dormant volcanoes
Quieted by the watchful monks
On the flowered hillside

We must escape ourselves to find ourselves
So why not follow the lake’s hypnotic waves
Making us forget long enough to remember
the fleeting sunset, desperate scarlet flashes on the water